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May 01, 2014

There are many factors you need to consider if you are planning to do business in Argentina. Understanding the Argentinian market and cultural values, as well as other influencers like search engine marketing and website design and translation, will definitely help you get the best results as you enter and do business in this country.

Globalization Partners International has released an updated research report for the Argentinian market on Website Globalization and E-Business along with accompanying infographic. In this blog we will look at the highlights of the report.

Facts about the Argentinian Market

ArgentinaArgentina is divided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, which is the capital.

  • GDP $470.5 billion (2012: World Bank Development Indicators)
  • Economy Growth Rate of 8.3% (Q2 2013:
  • Population of 42.19 million (Internet World Stats, 2012)
  • 66.4% of the Argentinean population is currently on the Internet (Internet World Stats, 2013)
  • From 2009 - 2012, Internet usage and availability in Argentina grew 17.5% (Internet World Stats, 2013)
  • Online retail sites have continued to grow in Argentina; in August 2013 it reached nearly 74% of its total online audience. grew the fastest by 96% in the past year, earning a spot in the top 10 most-visited retail websites. (Source: ComScore)
  • Mobile phones and tablets continue to account for a growing amount of digital traffic. Argentina now sees 7.9% of all web-based page views consumed beyond the personal computer, predominantly on smartphones and tablets. (Source: ComScore)

Culture Values in Argentina

Argentina is a traditional country full of symbols, rituals, traditional values and contextual elements which seep into business practices.

  • Relationships: Argentinian people value relationships and build networks of friends and contacts, both for professional and personal use.
  • Family: Family ties, both nuclear and extended, are extremely important to the consumers of Argentina. It is expected that people will share resources with their family. (Culture Grams)
  • Vanity: Argentinians put a high value on appearance, which is an integral aspect of their culture. (Euromonitor.)

Search Engine Optimization in Argentina

If you are considering any digital marketing (SEO) campaigns, it is important to understand search engine optimization in Argentina and the top search engines to focus on while targeting the Argentinian consumer.

Top search engines in Argentina:

  • Google (94.54%)
  • Bing (2.04%)
  • Yahoo (1.34%)
  • Babylon (1.07%)

Social Media in Argentina

Understanding the social media landscape in Argentina is one of the most important components for online strategists looking to leverage these channels to the Argentinean consumer. The report provides the key insights and top social networks for Argentinian consumers.

Key insights from the digital landscape in Argentina:

  • Argentina is the third most highly engaged social networking market worldwide, with users spending an average of 9 hours in the category in August 2013. (Source: ComScore)
  • Mobile phones and tablets continue to account for a growing amount of digital traffic. Argentina now sees 7.9% of all web-based page views consumed beyond the personal computer, predominantly on smartphones and tablets. (Source: ComScore)
  • Internet users in Argentina are the most likely in Latin America to view online video content, with more than 95% of Argentina's Internet population doing so in August 2013. (Source: ComScore)

Top Social Media Networks in Argentina:

  • Facebook (87.83%)
  • Twitter (7.33 %)
  • Youtube (3.27%)
  • Pinterest (0.64%)
  • StumbleUpon (0.42%)

Culture and Online Shopping in Argentina

The following infographic provides several useful facts and insights about Argentina. The infographic contains a handy graphical sampling of what is contained in the report.


Doing Online Business in Argentina

Argentina-whitepaperIf you are planning to do business in Argentina, it is important to understand the needs of your target customers. You will always need to understand the consumer behavior, the language and the key insights about the market. The Argentina country research report is 14+ pages and provides useful information and statistics about the country and local consumers and market. The newly updated report for 2014 is available in PDF format and is free to download at: Website Globalization and E-Business Series.

Looking to sell your goods or services in Argentina

If you are looking to expand into the Argentinian market and have a website localization project in the works, this report is for you. First published in 2008 and newly updated for 2010, 2012, and 2014, the report contains tips and information on e-business, website translation and web consumers in Argentina. The report also has a nice link library with useful sites and resources for those wanting to do business in Argentina.

For more information on language and online business, you may check our useful blog posts and quick facts below:

You may contact GPI for translation services at or call us at 866-272-5874 with your specific questions about this market and your project goals. You may also request a complimentary translation quote for your project.

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