Digital Travel Summit 2014

March 30, 2014

The 2014 Digital Travel Summit is happening this week in Las Vegas. For those of us involved in digital marketing and serving the travel, hospitality and leisure industries this looks like an interesting show. The show is brought to you by the creators of eTail and they seemed to have positioned the event to focus on eCommerce and customer engagement strategies for travel, hospitality and leisure companies. The event site can be found at Digital Travel Summit.

They breakout the show tracks along three key questions:

  1. Digital-Travel-SummitHow can I personalize marketing messages to drive greater brand loyalty, while not alienating the customer?
  2. How can I utilize social media to reap rewards in the areas of customer service, brand marketing and CRM?
  3. How can I develop a comprehensive mobile strategy and enhance the customer experience through mobile?

Drilling down to more details there are any number of sessions on:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing for travel, hospitality and leisure
  • Optimizing for Organic and Paid Search
  • What are Effective E-Mail Strategies?
  • Digital Travel Marketing versus strategies used by Online Retailers Gamification
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Improving your loyalty programs
  • Personalization
  • Incentive-Based Approaches for digital marketing for travel, hospitality and leisure
  • Social Media
  • Digital technologies to help engage customers

And much more…


We have seen a lot of changes in the last two years with our hotel and hospitality clients embracing global digital marketing in all of its forms and fashions. This is a must to gain larger shares of the global pool of potential travelers and guests.

We see three very important pieces of the global digital marketing puzzle including language, technology and tactics.They are all needed in the right mix and at the right time for hospitality professionals to be successful in their global campaigns. Whether deciding to translate your loyalty program site into Chinese, Japanese and Korean, or deciding which search engines to focus on for your PPC campaign targeting Russian, German and French tourists, the details of language, technology and tactics are critical for success.

Further Resources on Global Digital Marketing for Travel, Hospitality and Leisure

For further insight into effectively using digital marketing on a global basis, you may find the following links to our blogs useful:

Please feel free to contact GPI at or at 866-272-5874 with your specific questions about multilingual digital marketing. You may also request a complimentary Translation Services Quote for your project as well.

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