First of its Kind Global Digital Marketing and Localization Program to be Launched in January 2016

November 16, 2015

The University of North Carolina and the Localization Institute has launched one the world's first Certificate & Certification in Global Digital Marketing & Localization.


This online certificate/certification combines studies in worldwide digital marketing strategies with the art and science of content localization.

Global Digital Marketing and Localization Certification


The program is the brainchild of Dr. Nitish Singh, Assoc. Professor Int. Business at The Boeing Institute of International Business, St. Louis University and Ulrich O. Henes, President of The Localization Institute.



Students can earn the world's first certificate and certification which combines digital media marketing with localization. Estimated time for completion for the online self-paced courses is 3-6 months with almost 40 hours of online training alone.


Globalization Partners International is a proud sponsor of the program and looks forward to helping students, professionals and GPI's own staff successfully complete the program!

The program offers classes covering a wide range of digital marketing and localization topics including:


  • Global Digital Media Environment : Exploring Cultural, Legal and Logistical Issues
  • Global Digital Internationalization: Challenges and Approaches to Succeed
  • Global Digital Expansion: Practical Tips on Market Entry
  • Global Digital Marketing Segmentation: Tools and Techniques
  • Global CRM Strategies: Marketing Automation and Implementation
  • Global Digital Media Trends: Open Innovation, Social Computing & Others.
  • Effectively Using Global Social Media: Tips and Techniques
  • Global Social Media Usage & Localization - Insights from Around the World
  • Global Social Media Usage Models-1: Creating Dialogue and Facilitating Transactions
  • Global Social Media Usage Models-2: Managing Customer mood and reviews online
  • Content Marketing Ideas-1: Storytelling & Blog Management
  • Content Marketing Approaches-2: Content Marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Global Search Engine Optimization-1: Leveraging Keywords
  • Global Search Engine Optimization -2: Linking, Mobile and Social Media Integration
  • Enhancing Searchability of International Sites for Global Search Engines
  • Enhancing Searchability of International Site via Global Navigation techniques
  • Paid Search Marketing & Measurement - Key Strategies & Concepts
  • Standardizing or Localizing Digital Media - Strategic Insights
  • Culture & Global Digital Marketing: Avoiding Blunders related to Symbols, Colors & Values
  • Culturally customizing Digital Media Content - A Practical Cultural Customization Tool-kit
  • Dilemmas & Strategies for Localizing Digital Media - Finding the Right Strategies
  • Writing Content for Global Digital Media - Strategies for Effective Global content Writing
  • Localization Concepts & Foundations: Learn what it entails and how to localize
  • Internationalization (118n) Concepts and Foundations: Cost Saving Strategies
  • Terminology Management & Translation Memory for Global Content Management
  • Localization Workflow Management: Practical Insights for Efficiency Gains
  • Localization Projects and Automation Management: Tools and Techniques


To learn more and enroll, please visit Certificate & Certification in Global Digital Marketing & Localization.

Further Resources on International Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media Localization


Global Digital Marketing for multilingual websites or for content destined for specific locales (country + language + geography) is more than just translating keywords. Today companies should work with a combination of owned, earned and bought digital media in order to drive traffic to their localized or translated websites.


Localization of any media requires in-country native speaking professionals to copy write and localize content in order to engage potential customers. Whether you work with a traditional digital marketing agency, or you are one, GPI's global digital marketing team can serve as an extension of your in-house digital marketing department to help you deliver your message around the world.


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