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October 22, 2014

Selecting the right web content management system (CMS) for customer experience management is a critical step in your online digital strategy. Many factors need to be considered before determining the right solution for your company. If you are considering deploying multilingual content in additional to English the considerations and feature set are even more complex.

About Sitecore Web Content Management System

Sitecore - Own the experience

Sitecore is a highly scalable Microsoft .NET based Content Management System which is ideally suited for website managers and content creators looking to easily author and publish multilingual content. Sitecore off the shelf already provides a platform that allows its clients to seamlessly combine a website content management system with true customer intelligence ensuring real customer engagement at every single touch point between your company and your customer. By making the customer the focal point of every interaction Sitecore has created a powerful yet nibble solutions for its users. It allows you to work with all your digital marketing channels to increase revenue and conversions and meet and exceed your organizational business objectives.

In today's digital landscape a website does not just serve an informational purpose. Your customer is looking for an engaging, interactive and personalized experience. Putting out content that is enriching and dynamic is a must and Sitecore handles this nicely. With a Sitecore CMS the customer can now easily:

  1. Create content in a very integrated process
  2. Create and preview personalized content
  3. Assign detailed profiles
  4. Optimize the mobile experience for visitors to your site via a mobile device
  5. Optimize your SEO strategy

To learn more about Sitecore, feel free to visit:

Sitecore menu


Sitecore and Multilanguage Sites

When it comes to deploying and managing multilingual websites, Sitecore allows website editors to work and create content in their native language and then easily integrate with  translation services while still ensuring a consistent global message and experience.

Benefits of Sitecore for multilanguage sites include:

  • Allows you to defined custom locale/language pairs to meet your specific needs
  • Includes the capability to export content which can be sent to an external translation agency and then imported back when translation is completed
  • The built-in export/import process uses a standard XML file making the process very portable
  • Provides ease of viewing for quality assurance with content side-by-side view option


Sitecore Technology Partner

As a Sitecore Technology Partner, Globalization Partners International (GPI) has been assisting interactive agencies and end clients alike with deploying their multilingual websites. GPI leverages localization best practices in order to support multi-language websites and localization process workflows. GPI is all too familiar with the challenges and pain points our clients face on a day-to-day basis when it comes to authoring, storing, managing and publishing their web content. Throw into the mix a couple (or ten) extra languages and it is easy to see how the process can quickly become even more overwhelming. Any issues with published content and foreign language support - no matter how benign can easily translate into additional cost and cause substantial delays in a client's website launch. Understanding these challenges and working with website owners to address them proactively can save a lot of headaches (and money) in the process.  See:


GPI has developed a CMS Translation Services Connectors as a value-add to our clients. The connector can be deployed for free for GPI clients.

Translation Services Connector


GPI works with clients helping them publish and update their multilingual sites easily and efficiently by integrating their Sitecore content management system with GPI's Translation Services Connector. By deploying a CMS Translation Connector your Sitecore out-of-the-box features are enhanced by:

  • Easy integration with the Sitecore CMS Desktop
  • Ability to manage any number of languages with just a few clicks
  • Access to a secure global collaboration platform that lets your team manage and track projects via GPI's Translation Portal
  • 24/7 access for downloading quotes and proposals
  • Optimized workflows enabling easy importing and exporting of content
  • Ability to share status reports, schedules and task lists with web team members


If you're interested in learning more about our CMS translation connector solutions I invite you to visit our new microsite We're happy to share some of our onDemand demos on the site. Check them out!


Further GPI Resources on Connectors and Website Development

GPI offers custom  CMS Translation Connectors to a variety of web content management systems in order to streamline localization workflows and access to translation project information across your enterprise. You may also find some of the following articles and links useful:

Further Information on Localization Resources

For more information or help with you next website translation project, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at, or by phone at (866) 272-5874, or by requesting a free website translation quote on your next website translation project.

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